All of our trainers are Crossfit Level 1 certified, which means they’ve been trained on the fundamental principles and movements of CrossFit. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.

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Dana Anglin, Coach

Crossfit Level 1
200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Dana comes from a background in Track and Field. She competed on a collegiate level in the Pole Vault at Western Carolina University. Dana has been Crossfitting since 2010 and has been coaching with us since September 2013. She specializes in making everyone feel comfortable who walks in the door regardless of their fitness level. She strives to coach in a way that is encouraging and uplifting. Her goal and passion is to help each and every gym member reach their fullest potential. You'll often hear her yell things like 'Awesome Job, Keep It Movin, and You Got This!' 

Dana is also the owner and creator of DanaLouFIT active wear. Check her out at


Ian Kerner, Owner

Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Kids Certified

After falling in love with Crossfit in 2011, Ian started on a path to own a box of his own.  After leaving the corporate world in February 2013, that dream became a reality when he opened Crossfit Jensen Beach.   

Recalling many of the struggles he had when he first started Crossfit, Ian is able to successfully break movements down for those with no experience at all.  He is passionate about his work and has a specific knack for teaching the gymnastics skills. He has a desire to make each and every athlete that comes to the box the best they can possibly be!  

'I love coaching,' said Ian.  'The positive environment, the constant meeting of new people and the strong sense of community are the things I love most about being a part of Crossfit.' 

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Izzy Owens, Coach

Crossfit Level 1
Certified Personal Trainer

Izzy comes from a background in track in field and ran collegiality at Southern Nazarene University where he was a national champion. He got into Crossfit in the Marine Corps, implementing it into his regiments workout programming. He is also a certified personal trainer. Izzy is one of our awesome afternoon coaches so, if you want to be challenged hit up one of his afternoons. He has a way of safely pushing you beyond your limitations helping you accomplish goals you never thought possible. He is super positive and pays great attention to detail. 

His wife Cameron shares his love for crossfit and you will often find her in one of his classes! 




Monica Birdsall, Coach

Crossfit Level 1
Personal Trainer: ISSA
USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach

Monica grew up in Ohio playing numerous sports in school. After high school she attended the University of Denver where she spent a lot of time skiing, hiking and running. After moving to Florida and searching for new ways to stay phsically fit she discovered Crossfit. 

Monica began coaching because she is very passionate about health and fitness, whether it's with her own training or assisting new clients with the basic fundamentals of excercise she loves to assist all levels. 

Her goal is to inspire others to make long term lifestyle changes and found Crossfit's functional movements produce life changing benefits.




Marc Crouch, Coach

Crossfit Level 1

Marc is a masters athlete who still tries to "keep up with the kids". He has a Masters of Architecture degree and has owned his own website development company, Frequency 650, since 2001. His wife Leslie and son Aidan share his love for an active lifestyle, CrossFit and the community at CFJB.

Marc's sport background goes back to 1978 when he started playing soccer. Starting with YMCA to traveling teams, playing in the US on both coasts, Mexico and Japan. In high school he discovered skate boarding and "weight training", then mountain biking in college. It wasn't until the end of soccer that he started racing road bicycles at 35 years old. In 6 years he went from a beginning racer to a category 2, winning a state championship road title in Georgia, a silver in criterium in Georgia and a silver in the time trial in Florida. In 2012, thinking CrossFit would be good winter bike training, it became much more. In 2014 he started coaching, received his level 1 and found his new home at CrossFit Jensen Beach in 2016.

Still with that architect mindset, he understands the big picture but has an eye for details. He's always trying to expand his knowlege and enjoys coaching and sharing what he knows with clients.


Audra Mariz, Coach

Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Kids Certified
Crossfit Gymnastics Certified

Who loves CrossFit?  This girl does!  After trying a class over 5 years ago, she has not stopped since.  It was exactly what she was missing in her life as an adult.  After being a competitive swimmer through her college years, Audra missed the thrill of competing and the rigor of training towards a goal.  CrossFit was able to give her those! Audra loves to lift, loves to get new PRs and loves to help others do the same!   

Audra has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings to the Crossfit Jensen Beach team.  She has been involved in impacting children and families lives through sport and fitness for over 18 years in her previous career.  She loves kids and is busy implementing new ways to bring more families into the facility.  Additionally, Audra did CrossFit throughout her pregnancy with her son. 'CrossFit kept me sane when I was pregnant,' Audra said. 'I needed the release from work and the every day grind.  It kept me healthy and happy.' 


Melissa Jeltema, Coach

Crossfit Level 1
NASM Certified Peronal Trainer
Nasm Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Melissa is a former Division 1 basketball player. After college she continued to pursue her athletic career, playing basketball professionally overseas. She played for 8 years, the majority of the time in Germany, but also in Finland and Iceland. Outside of basketball Melissa loves outdoor sports including surfing, stand up paddle boarding, skating, biking, running, and hiking. 

In college she majored in Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention with a focus on Nutrition. Health and Fitness has always been important to her and a big part of her life. She believes in a healthy balance and is big on eating in a way to aid performance, but also become part of your lifestyle.

Melissa started doing CrossFit as a way to staying in shape for basketball, but quickly fell in love with the sport. While living and playing in Germany she part timed as a CrossFit coach. After recently deciding to retire from professional basketball, Melissa has decided to join us full time at CrossFit Jensen Beach. Melissa has the kindest of pro athlete, but a soft spoken nature. She hopes to spread her passion for life and fitness to the CFJB family.